Nexiot provides world-class certification programs in IoT domain. The programs are designed in collaboration with Industry leaders in Electronics, Sensors, semiconductors, Cloud Platform- Analytics solutions providers & IoT developers.

The programs are offered as Modules, starting from Basics to Advanced implementation depending on the purpose & interest of the participants. The programs are delivered by expert Industry professionals in respective domains. Nexiot is consistently recognized as the best IoT training provider and a pioneer in offering Industry standard IoT training supporting startups, working professionals,  entrepreneurs, OEM’s & academia.

All the programs focus on Learning-by-Doing, and we provide IoT Lab access. The programs are delivered through Instructor led online sessions and real experimental learning in the Lab.

  1. Certified IoT Systems Design Program
  2. IoT Foundation program: Internet of Things (IoT) Basics, Architecture & Applications
  3. Data Science – Machine Learning Foundation for IoT
  4. Python Programming for IoT
  5. Advanced IoT Systems Design Program
  6. Embedded Systems Design Program
  7. Wireless Technologies & Applications for IoT
  8. Networking Technologies & Protocols for IoT
  9. Cloud Computing – Big data – Analytics for IoT
  10. Mobile App Development for IoT Applications
  11. ARM Microcontroller based design for IoT Applications
  12. Web Application Development for IoT – Python, NodeJS
  13. Programming for IoT: C, C++, Python, NodeJS
  14. Technology Evaluation & Decision making Series – Sensors, Microcontrollers, Wireless & Cloud Platforms
  15. Electronics system design – Basics, Analog, Digital, Sensor based systems
  16. Open Source Hardware Design & Adoption for IoT Solutions
  17. Nexuino – Rapid Prototyping End Nodes for IoT
  18. Maths Foundation for Data Science

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