Nexiot offers world-class IoT  Certification training programs designed in collaboration with Industry leaders in IoT, Electronics/Embedded, Industrial Automation, Cybersecurity, Wireless, Data Science/ AI, IoT Cloud Platforms- Analytics & Blockchain solutions providers.

The programs are offered as Modules, starting from Basics to Advanced implementation depending on the purpose & interest of the participants. The programs are delivered by expert Industry professionals in respective domains. Nexiot Programs have been consistently recognized as the best IoT training programs in industry reviews . Nexiot is well recognized as a pioneer in offering Industry standard IoT training supporting startups, working professionals,  entrepreneurs and OEM’s .

The Training programs lead to Certification by Nexiot Foundation ( Non-profit Section 8 organization). The Certification programs are in process for Accredition under ISO/IEC Standards.

All the programs focus on Learning-by-Doing, and we provide IoT Lab access. The programs are delivered through Instructor led online sessions and real experimental learning in the Lab

  1. IoT Foundation program: Internet of Things (IoT) Basics, Architecture & Applications
  2. Advanced IoT Systems Design Program
  3. Data Science – Machine Learning Foundation
  4. IoT Security for Practitioners
  5. Industry 4.0 – Industrial IoT Systems Design for Practitioners
  6. Industrial Control Systems ( ICS) Cybersecurity
  7. Embedded Device Security & Pentesting – Practitioner Program
  8. Blockchain Foundation Program
  9. Embedded & Wireless design for IoT
  10. Networking Technologies & Protocols for IoT
  11. Cloud Computing – IoT Platforms – Big data – Analytics for IoT
  12. Mobile App Development for IoT Applications
  13. ARM Microcontroller based design for IoT Applications
  14. Application Development for IoT – Python, NodeJS
  15. Nexuino – Rapid Prototyping End Nodes for IoT
  16. Maths Foundation for Data Science & Engineers

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