Nexiot Industrial IoT Finder  is your companion to accelerate your  Industrial IoT – Industry 4.0  Projects.

IIoT Finder enables you to explore, learn, analyze and evaluate the Industrial IoT solutions available in the market.

IIoT Finder also provides more valuable inputs on the solutions through 3rd party evaluation w.r.t Security, Standards compliance and Product Life History

IIoT Finder enables you to explore by:

  1. By Industrial IoT Components
    • Industrial Sensors
    • Wireless Sensor Nodes
    • Industrial Connectivity – Wireless Modules
    • Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions
    • Protocol Converters
    • Industrial Gateways/Routers
    • Cloud Services
    • Industrial Data Analytics Applications
  2. By Specific Industrial IoT Use cases – End-to-end complete stack solutions
  3. By Electronics & Semiconductor solutions for OEM’s & Embedded Designers


This service will be launched shortly. Please write to / for more details