Nexiot brings the cutting edge products for across the stack IoT solution development. We specialize in Embedded Security products & consulting.

We partner with the world’s leading IoT hardware & software  solution providers and bring value add by enabling implement IoT Design-Security from start of design throughout the product lifecycle.

  • IoT Solutions – Evaluation Boards & Development Tools
  • Wireless Development boards & Modules – LoRa, Bluetooth/ BLE, Zigbee, WiFi, NB-IoT, GSM/GPRS
  • Embedded Secure Elements
  • Crypto- Authentication Devices
  • Crypto- Memory
  • Trusted Platform Modules (TPM)
  • Hardware Security Modules (HSM)
  • Secure Microcontrollers
  • Crypto Coprocessors
  • PKI – Key Management Solutions
  • Cloud Security solutions
  • Secure Microcontroller Evaluation & Development Boards

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